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–2017 Houston International Lowline Show & Sale
Monday March 6th to Wednesday March 8th 2017


We at SLABA are hosting a Online Sale through Caldwell-Willoughby sales (CWCATTLESALES.COM) On Tuesday March 7th, 2017 during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. All lots will be accepted and placed online for people to view and bid.  February 28th will be the deadline to enter and submit pictures and video for the sale. A $50 fee/live lot and $25/ frozen lot is paid to SLABA  and 10% commission will be charged for the sale on the highest bid when the sale closes. The cattle DO NOT have to be at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo to participate in this sale. But high resolution pictures and about 45 seconds of quality video will be needed to help sell your lots.

CLICK HERE for the online entry form

please feel free to contact Chris Spear with any questions.

Phone Number 575-635-6338

E mail:  chris.spear.1@gmail.com

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News and Events

ALR- Name change and Association 

Hello Fellow SLABA Members

The first week of March, when the International Lowline Show is in progress, you will be receiving a ballot from the ALR.  This ballot will be your opportunity to voice your opinion on an issue that the ALR board is proposing.  The ALR board is in favor of bringing the name of our organization more in line with the breeding roots of our cattle.  I assume that the majority of you are familiar with the history of our cattle coming to the USA.  They were brought from Australia in the late 90’s following a breeding history that goes back almost 100 years in the Australian Trangie research facilities. Our cattle are the original Aberdeen Angus cattle that dominated the Angus industry up until the 1960’s.  Unlike the American Angus (which were crossbred to mirror trends in the US cattle industry toward much larger specimens) these imports continued to maintain the Aberdeen Angus traits.  Their genes were not diluted with anything.   As a result, when you look at your Lowlines, you are in fact looking at Aberdeen Angus cattle.

Now, Aberdeen Angus are still remembered with great admiration by the commercial cattleman today for their thick stature, moderate size, easy calving, high yielding quality carcasses, feed efficiency and good nature.  Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.  The problem is that same cattleman cannot come to grips with the thought of admitting that he would use what has been incorrectly labeled by the cattle industry as a “miniature breed” in getting his herd back to the size of a more moderate sized animal.  Experts in the cattle industry agree that the average beef cow is way too big to be efficient. Lowlines are the answer.  The problem is that word “Low”.  We can tell them to get over it, but that is not moving our breed forward the way it needs to.  The proposal on the ballot is for the name of the American Lowline Registry be changed to the American Aberdeen Association, and the name of our cattle be changed from Lowline Cattle to Aberdeen Cattle.

I am speaking as an individual regarding this, but I believe that the change would be very beneficial for everyone in the breed whether you have two mama cows or two hundred.  Nothing about the uses and advantages of our cattle will change, including their suitability to small acreages because of their size and easy handling.  What will change is the attitude of outside cattle people desiring to use them in their breeding programs.  Some individuals have suggested that this will turn more people to Moderators and the Fullbloods will be left behind.  I totally disagree.  You cannot even create Moderators without good quality Fullbloods.  The demand for Fullbloods could skyrocket when this gets kicked into gear.  I will dare to say that we should be hard pressed to provide enough Fullbloods to meet the demand.  Others say that changing the name will set back the progress that they have made in their areas of the country.  My answer is you can still call them Lowline and advertise them as such if you want to.  I doubt that the name will change for now in Australia either.  So, each of you will have your opinion regarding this and I respect your right to that.  This is just my opinion on the topic. I have had my cattle since 2004, and this upcoming vote may be the most significant issue to face our breed since I’ve owned Lowlines.

There are three more opportunities for you to participate in a conference call with the ALR board about this issue between now and the ballots going out.  The dates and times are:

  • February 16, 20176:30p.m. Mountain Time
  • February 20, 2017 – 6:30 p.m. Mountain Time

Go to the ALR website for more information on how to participate in one of the calls.

Bill Cabaniss, President

Southwest Lowline Angus Breeders Association

Just a reminder from SLABA up and coming event’s and dates

We at SLABA are hosting a Online Sale through Caldwell-Willoughby sales (CWCATTLESALES.COM) On Tuesday March 7th, 2017 during the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. There is an amazing offering of  Live Lots, Semen, Embryos.

please feel free to contact Chris Spear with any questions.

Phone Number 575-635-6338

E mail:  chris.spear.1@gmail.com

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be here before you know it. 
Following is the preliminary schedule for the show and sale;
Begin Arrival:                 Monday, March 6  7 a.m.
In Place at Airport Blvd: Monday, March 6  3 p.m.
Checked in by:                 Monday, March 6  7 p.m.
Weigh/Measure:              Tuesday, March 7  10 a.m. – back dock
Membership Meeting:     Tuesday, TBD
On-Line Sale:                  Starts Tuesday Morning and ends Tuesday Evening – time TBD
Show:                              Wednesday, March 8  8 a.m.
Begin Release:                Wednesday, March 8  Upon completion of show
Must be out by:               Wednesday, March 8  8 p.m.
For additional information refer to the 2017 Exhibitor Handbook page at http://www.rodeohouston.com/
Details for the Lowline show can be found on Page 80 and Animal Health Regulations on Page 36.

 Classifieds are not just for cattle

Everyone please note Classifieds are not just for cattle. Please feel free to list Cattle, Hay, Equipment, Trailers, Trucking anything with in reason.  Effective immediately there will be no semen listings allowed on the Classified page. If you wish to list semen out of your bull for sale please submit it for a fee under bull semen listings.


If you don’t see your add on classifieds within 2-3 business days please feel free to email Chris Spear at Chris.spear.1@gmail.com There could be communication errors in the system.

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Why Lowlines ???

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Southwest Lowline Angus Breeders Association

Welcome to Southwest Lowline Angus Breeders Association, SLABA for short. SLABA has been organized to promote the recognition, popularity, and marketability of American Lowline Angus cattle in the southwestern U.S., including the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. This site will provide you with answers to your cattle raising questions, as well as information regarding the profitable raising and grazing of Lowline Angus Cattle.

Congratulations to our members who made the top ten in the state. Maggie Isgren, Ashley Naquin, Kamryn Glaze, Anthony Naquin, Christopher Garcia...
Club Mandate
EDUCATION: about the Lowline breed, best practices in buying, selling, and raising.
PROMOTION: of the breed and of our region's breeders
STANDARDS: setting ideals for our cattle and for our association members
COMMUNICATION: working together to build a strong market and a trusted product
INTEGRITY: commitment to honesty and fairness with each other and with everyone with whom we deal.